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    Maple Bacon Oatmeal

    Posted on August 01, 2021

    Did somebody say heartwarming AND delicious? This vegan Maple Bacon Oatmeal recipe will warm you up on a chilly morning and send you straight to heaven! It’s got decadent caramelized bananas, crunchy toasted almonds and that perfect balance of sweet and savoury...what more could you want?

    Prep time: 5 mins
    Cook time: 10 mins
    Serves: 2


    • 1 cup quick oats
    • 2 cups plant-based milk
    • 2 Tbsp maple syrup
    • 4 tsp coconut oil
    • 2 tsp Deliciou Maple Bacon Seasoning, plus extra for sprinkling
    • 2 Tbsp sliced/flaked almonds
    • 1 banana, sliced
    1. Add the oats and plant-based milk to a medium saucepan, then bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the maple syrup and 2 tsp coconut oil and stir through. Allow to cook for 1 more minute, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, stir in Deliciou Maple Bacon Seasoning, then divide oatmeal between 4 bowls.
    2. In a small fry pan, add the remaining 2 tsp coconut oil and add the banana pieces. Sprinkle with a little Deliciou Maple Bacon Seasoning and fry on both sides until caramelized. Place a few pieces on each bowl of oatmeal.
    3. Add the almonds to the same pan and stir through for 2 mins, or until lightly browned and toasted. Divide the toasted almonds between the bowls. Serve warm and enjoy!


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