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Shop our exciting seasonings, all packed with fun, quirky and out of this world flavours. Bacon Seasoning comes in 4 different flavours - Original, Cheesy, Smoky BBQ and Spicy. Each flavour has a unique flavour profile and can spice up any meal into a mouth-watering bacon dream! Check it out now to learn more.

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As seasoned connoisseurs our journey all started when new research showed unhealthy consequences of eating excessive amounts of bacon and other processed meats. As a serious bacon lover my first instinct was to find ways of enjoying bacon flavour safely, so I started…

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Search and find easy to make recipes ideas to match our fun flavour. With Bacon Seasoning the possibilities are endless! Put it on everything, including hot chips, eggs, pasta, roasted vegetables, in dips, soups and even your breakfast cereal. You are only limited by your imagination, so get a taste of how to use our seasoning by browsing our exciting recipes.

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play it and shake it

Play the video for a quick snapshot of our Bacon Seasoning. We make everything taste like bacon with just a sprinkle. Our seasonings are low in calories, low sodium, low fat and even vegetarian. So spice up your meals guilt-free with Deliciou's Bacon Seasoning!

You can buy Bacon Seasoning online from this website and we provide Free shipping anywhere in the world when you order any of our combo packs.

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