Top 10 Cooking Mistakes People Make


We have all done one or more of these common mistakes.

1. You under-season

There is nothing worse than a meal that has too little flavour. Make sure you taste your dishes before you serve them.


2. The salad becomes soggy

Have you ever turned what was meant to be a fresh and green salad into a soggy soup type of meal? Use a paper towel to dry off excess moisture and use a salad spinner.


3. You use olive oil for everything

Don’t use olive oil for frying stuff on high temperature. Olive oil has a low smoke point and shouldn’t be exposed to high heat. Instead, use an oil with a high smoke point such as coconut, canola or avocado oil for frying on high heat. Add olive oil to medium and low heat meals.


4. You always follow the recipe

People that never experiment with food quickly becomes bored of cooking. Make sure you have a little fun and try out your own versions of various dishes.


5. You burn bacon

Bake bacon in an oven tray instead of frying it in the pan. Much better.


6. You constantly flip the meat on the grill

All it takes for a perfectly grilled piece of meat is to flip it once.


7. You don’t have a plan B

We all screw up sometimes. Make sure you have proper seasonings available to save your dish if something goes wrong, such as Bacon Seasoning that makes everything taste good.


8. Putting too much food in your pan

When you overcrowd the pan with food you actually lower the temperature of the pan. That results in too much moisture and the food gets steamed instead of seared. Use a larger pan for big dishes or work in batches.


9. Putting hot food in a cold fridge

This can actually damage the fridge. Let the food cool down before placing it inside the fridge.


10. Storing all ingredients in the fridge

Some ingredients shouldn’t be stored in the fridge. A general guide is to do what your local supermarket does.


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